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fetch Al Jazeera's official feed, twitter feed and youtube feed in 3 languages ( English, Arabic, Turk ). Also, you can easily share within your social networks.

Al Jazeera Hub completely looks and function different! thanks for your comment and feedback, Now it’s faster 1.5, text clearer & sharp,simple elegantly designed and more other features awaiting to discovered :)

4.5 stars on Windows Phone Store

Al Jazeera HubWindows Phone Store4.5

Home Page

the home page is designed to fetch all news to the user easily and elegantly. However the home page has latest news which will fetch latest news from selected channel. topics which will break down all news into list of topics. additional contents which will provide the user to fetch latest Twitter & YouTube feeds.


thanks for your comment and feedback now Al Jazeera Hub included the Turk Channel beside English, Arabic Channels. user can change the channel from the settings page. Moreover, by changing the channel the whole application language will change too.
Coming Soon Balkan Channel

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