eSentral Reader is an EPUB reader design to read eBooks in EPUB 2.0 and 3.0 standards made.

eSentral is the biggest South East Asian digital book repository and you may read eBooks from many local publishers in ASEAN region. eSentral Reader also allows you to read Interactive eBooks build using HTML5. eSentral eReader is also made available in other operating systems.

eSentral Home

Home Page

the home page is designed to display all related books to the user. However, user will have 3 main hubs on the home page, Featured Hub which will display few selected books from eSentral Website. Download Hub which will display user’s books that been downloaded. Purchased Hub which will display books that been purchased from eSentral Website.

eSentral My Books

My Books

my books page is designed to display all user’s books. Moreover, user can sort books by ( date / title / author ). also can filter books by select a specific category.

eSentral Reader


the reader is implemented to read and render ePUB and HTML5-Based books, which will provide to the user ability to interact with the book’s content ! sounds interesting, give it a try ;)

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