Limkokwing Student Portal

A mobile version of the Limkokwing Student Portal, optimised for the Windows Phone user experience.

Limkokwing Student Portal is copyrighted to Centre for Content Creation

Home Page

the home page is designed to fetch all important contents that students would need whenever they open the application. However, the home page has the following content today which will provide the students with all announcements, timetable and events, news which will provide the students with the university latest news. creative exchange which will provide the students with the latest a students creative arts.

Profile Page

the profile page contains all information about the student. And, the student can check their registered information also they can check their visa & passport validation. Also they can check their results in details in a simple graphical user interface. Moreover, they can check their preformance for all semesters.

Even More

Calendar Page

Timetable Page

Materials Page